Glendon Student Organizations Achievements This Year

Glendon College Student Union (GCSU) has created a new constitution (after decades of the old one); has rebuilt the intramural sports program; has lead the revival of school spirit; held many successful events.

ProTem, Glendon’s student newspaper, has made significant improvements to the quality of the publication, representing a diverse student voice.

Glendon Musical Ensemble (GME) has presented 3 performances of a very successful concert, "Music of the Silver Screen".

Lunik Café has laid foundations for the September 2010 launch of a student-run café.

World University Service of Canada (WUSC) has gone through a major renewal, after a two year hiatus, in preparing to welcome a refugee student to Glendon in September.

Radio Glendon successfully completed its transition to digital radio.

The Glendon Women’s Centre has officially changed its name to Glendon Women and Trans Centre (GWTC) as an important formal recognition of including trans-people in their mandate.

Many groups and individual students rallied to support Haiti, including GCSU/YFS, Droits et Démocratie-Rights and Democracy (DDRD), Christian Fellowship, and the Hispanic Club.

Glendon African Network presented an African Gala Soirée.

International Studies Student Association (ISSA) welcomed high-profile speakers to its annual symposium, with this year’s focus on Iran.

Positive Space Committee created a truly positive space for lesbian and gay students, with events such as the Coming-Out Party and Pride Month.

Mature Student Organization undertook new educational and social initiatives for students who are parents.

Roots and Shoots had a host of movie nights and awareness campaigns.

Peace by Peace continued to teach positive conflict resolution to youth.throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Model NATO held a Remembrance Day ceremony and organized a conference on international security.

Model UN members attended three major conferences, representing Glendon on the international stage.

Salon Francophone / Club de français has been busy organizing many French-language activities.

Glendon Liberals have been involved in political activities on campus and in the community.

Glendon Muslim Student Association organized the first inter-faith dialogue event to promote awareness and respect.

‘Frenched’, the Glendon Dance Team performed at several campus events.

Glendon Yearbook, after many years without a publication, has dedicated serious efforts to creating a yearbook this year.

Published April 7, 2010