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3rd Glendon Graduate Student Conference in Translation Studies 2012 "Multilingual Identities: Translators and Interpreters as Cross-cultural Migrants"


This semester Glendon held its Third Annual Graduate Student Conference in Translation Studies. The conference entitled: "Multilingual Identities: Translators and Interpreters as Cross-cultural Migrants" focused on sociological and political aspects of translation and community interpreting, by exploring the experiences of translators and interpreters as individuals with competing identities, and their ethical roles in multilingual spaces.

Organizing Committee 2012

The event welcomed renowned academic, Miriam Schlesinger from Bar-Ilan University, Israel, as the conference's keynote speaker.  Professor Schlesinger's address was entitled: “The notion of “usefulness” in a cross-cultural world – an Interpreting Studies perspective".

Right: Professor Miriam Schlesinger

Professor Schlesinger's talk focused on the “grey” role of the interpreter in a community setting. She highlighted the dynamic position of the community interpreter in a multilingual and multicultural environment with limited government regulation. She also spoke about the importance of educating professionals and institutions who work with interpreters in order to better communicate that role and facilitate the intercultural communication by focusing on the role they play in multilingual societies and by giving them an opportunity to acquire a valid professional training. Community interpreting is vital, she says: “Research in interpreting is more than research. It is development work relevant for the community context”. Glendon was honoured to have the esteemed Professor as our keynote speaker.

The event took place at Glendon Manor and included a series of individual 15 minute presentations which focused on competing identities, displacement, ideology, and power struggles. The interdisciplinary nature of translation and interpreting studies brought graduate students from a variety of departments including psychology, communication studies, English and Spanish literature, dance studies, philosophy, and intercultural studies. We welcomed presenters from York University, Concordia University, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brazil), New York University, Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (Germany), University of Ottawa, and University of Alberta.

Left: Professor Daniel Simeoni

During the conference, Glendon graduate student, Dena Mortazavi, was presented with an award of achievement from the Translation Studies department.  The award is in honour of Professor Daniel Simeoni - one of the leading thinkers in translation studies and well recognized scholar in Canada and abroad. The conference was also dedicated to his legacy as this year marks five years since the passing of Glendon's beloved professor.

Right: Professors Panel (right to left):
Professor: Andrew Clifford
Speakernote: Miriam Shlesinger
Professor: Marta Marin-Domine
Professor: Amos Key Jr.
Professor: Maya Chacabay
Professor: Lyse Hébert

The day included a book launch, of last year's selected conference papers (more info here:, and ended with a panel discussion of York University Professors and distinguished guests. The discussion entitled “Towards a New Ethics in Translation and Interpretation” was moderated by Professor Andrew Clifford, Assistant Professor and Chair of Glendon's School of Translation. Other panelists included Marta Marin-Domine associate professor in the Dep. of languages and literature, Glendon Translation Studies Professor Lyse Hébert, keynote speaker Miriam Schlesinger, Amos Key Jr, Director of First Nations Languages Program, at the Woodland Cultural Centre and Maya Chacabay, from the Centre for Aboriginal Initiatives, University of Toronto. Among many things, the panel discussed the connection between the preservation of language and a community's well-being.

Left: Organizing Committee 2011

The day ended with a light reception inside Glendon Manor's ballroom.

Join us again next year for Glendon's Graduate Student Conference in Translation Studies!

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Published on June 20, 2012