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Visitors Love Glendon’s Spring Gala 2009


Over 500 visitors attended Glendon’s Spring Gala 2009 on Sunday, April 5th. With all the uncertain weather we have been having, it felt particularly gratifying to see the sun and experience temperatures vaguely approaching the promised spring.

The climate indoors was warm and welcoming and the many programs prepared by the recruitment team promised a full day of information and enjoyment. The Circle of Scholars Breakfast launched the day’s activities, welcoming academically outstanding students and their families to a hearty breakfast, with the lovely sounds of the Andrew Maynard Quartet in the background.

Right: Student presenters Cosette Cutrara and Nick Chilton spoke about Glendon exchange programs

Principal Kenneth McRoberts outlined great new developments to the guests, such as the $20 million that the Ontario government has committed for infrastructure upgrading for the campus. “Glendon is clearly thriving”, said McRoberts. “It has been designated as a Centre of Excellence for French-Language and Bilingual Postsecondary Education. With the ongoing expansion of the international BA (iBA) program and the new Bachelor of Education for training French and French immersion teachers, this campus is offering an ever-growing number of opportunities for prospective students.”

Real French croissants, brioches and other delectables welcomed all visitors in historic Glendon Hall, with the Andrew Maynard Quartet’s upbeat sounds setting the tone once again. Three information sessions on a triple rotation ensured that everyone could attend all three in succession. Preparing for a Fabulous Year provided important information about the transition from high school to university and the fine points of admissions facts, residence life and orientation. The second session, Kick-starting Your Career, outlined the benefits of a Glendon liberal arts degree and how students can build a study program that matches their interests and career aspirations. The third session, Set Yourself Apart: Languages and International Opportunities at Glendon, with students Cosette Cutrara and Nick Chilton as guest presenters, outlined language-learning opportunities in and outside the classroom. Visitors also learned about the Glendon iBA, exchange programs and summer internships abroad.

Left: Shannon and her parents came from Keswick, Ont.

Cosette is a second-year Glendon political science major working towards an iBA. She will be going on a third year abroad next year to Nice, France. “I can’t wait, it’s such an exciting opportunity to learn new things, perfect my French and see a different part of the world.” Nick has returned this fall from his year abroad in Brussels, Belgium. Currently, he is completing his fourth year in International Studies. “It was an unbelievable enrichment to be in Brussels”, says Nick. “Part of me is still there.”

Participants were eager to join one of the many campus tours ongoing during the day. In addition to the residence rooms and facilities that everyone was curious about, they also got to see classrooms, dining hall, library, theatre, gallery and more.

Right: The Andrew Maynard jazz quartet

The Information Fair, open from 11:20 to 3:30 p.m. in the dining hall was staffed by members of the faculty and staff at tables representing every academic department and student service. Visitors were eager to put their questions to those really in the know. A great innovation for the day: those ready to accept an offer from Glendon could do so at the Information Fair, getting their confirmation on the spot. Future students could also book an academic advising appointment right away, with the reassuring knowledge that help for choosing courses was on the way.

Left: Remi, Tiffany and Jennifer are coming to Glendon in the fall

The Club Zone in Glendon’s brand new student centre informed prospective students of the many extracurricular opportunities the campus offers for following their interests and social activities.

New this year: an outdoor barbecue on the front lawn run by Chartwell’s - the university catering service - a percentage of whose proceeds was donated to the Friends of Glendon, a non-profit organization providing scholarships and bursaries to Glendon students.

Visitors had many positive things to say about the day’s events. As a product of the French immersion program in Keswick, Ont., Shannon felt comfortable in the bilingual environment. “I would like to study psychology”, said Shannon, “and the bilingual opportunity at Glendon is of special interest for me. I have also heard that the [Glendon] psychology department offers many interesting courses.” Shannon’s mother added, “We have visited quite a few campus open houses and this one at Glendon is the best organized, most comprehensive and most enjoyable one we have participated in.”

Right: Brittany and her parents enjoyed the Circle of Scholars breakfast

Three close friends from Toronto, Jennifer, Tiffany and Remi came together to Spring Gala as invited guests to the Circle of Scholars Breakfast. They are planning to come to Glendon together this fall to pursue different interests, with Jennifer considering a major in psychology, Remi going into business economics and Tiffany as yet undecided about her path. “It’s great that we don’t have to choose a major on entry”, said Tiffany, “and can change it as we go along, if some other subject interests us more.” “What attracted all three of us to Glendon, in addition to the subjects taught here, is the opportunity to improve our French and perhaps become bilingual”, added Jennifer.

Torontonian Brittany came with a clear idea of her major interest. “I am going into the Environmental and Health Studies department and want to polish my French skills at the same time”, she says. “It’s a combination that should open lots of opportunities for me in the future.”

Left: Felicia came with her mother (on the right) and her aunt to check out opportunities at Glendon

Brampton student Felicia first came across Glendon at the Ontario Universities Fair. “I am particularly interested in becoming proficient in French and Spanish”, she said “and I want to enrol in International Studies. With the addition of these languages, I hope to realize my dream of someday becoming a diplomat or working for the United Nations.”

Lenore of Etobicoke first learned about Glendon from a representative who came to speak to her grade 10 class. “Ever since then, I knew that I wanted to come to Glendon to become a French immersion teacher”, she commented. “I hope to teach elementary school because I know that those early years of school are crucial and I can make a real difference. The Bachelor of Education program offered at Glendon is exactly what I am looking for.”

Right: Lenore and her mother were impressed by Spring Gala's offerings

The Glendon recruitment team deserves special recognition for making Spring Gala 2009 such a winner. The event’s coordinator, Suzi Moore ensured that everything was in place and all participants well-versed in their responsibilities. “We hired the largest number of student staff ever for this year’s event”, said Moore, “and it certainly paid off in the smooth flow of all the programs.” Team members Léa Bertrand, Safia Dakri, Marie Maher, Sarah Martin, Megan Sweeny and Carol Yorkden-Chamberlain, as well as all the student ambassadors and volunteers did their very best to make this important recruitment event a genuine success. Thanks are also due to the many faculty, staff and students who were on hand to provide a great deal of valuable information to potential students visiting the campus. The special Spring Gala 2009 website is already active, filled with information, photos, visitors’ comments and a web survey for participants to add their observations.

Article by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on April 9, 2009