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Toronto, Ontario
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Glendon Receives Favourable Review on TFO


Glendon was a featured topic on November 30th on TFO (TÚlÚvision franšaise de l’Ontario)’s half-hour newsmagazine, VOLT, aimed at young people – primarily high school and university students. What a timely review of what is good at Glendon, since students in their final year of high school are feverishly researching their best choices for university as we speak!

In a relaxed format of other topics of interest to young people (such as self defence for women and tips for becoming an airline hostess), spiced with youthful music, the campus was evaluated by VOLT’s interviewer from the perspective of the top ten reasons for choosing Glendon.

Glendon student ambassador CÚlia Jutras guided VOLT’s representative around the campus, herself an excellent example of the bilingual prowess of Glendon students. Showing the beauty of the campus (one of the ten reasons) and its small, welcoming size (a second reason), students were approached for ad hoc comments about the realities of bilingualism on campus, the facilities at the Glendon Athletic Centre, student services as a whole, the cost and quality of food in the cafeteria and “the pleasures” of residence life.

The only negative comment in students’ replies related to the food on campus, in particular the high cost and the lack of choice. These remarks were amply balanced out by the rave reviews every student gave about the quality of the courses and the excellence of the professors. Several people emphasized the benefit of small classes (an average of 20 students per professor), and the outstanding personal attention a student receives both academically and through student services. Others mentioned cultural opportunities, such as Glendon’s highly successful drama program. The campus’ peaceful, natural setting in the centre of Canada’s largest metropolis was also considered an advantage. It was also pointed out that Glendon is in second place in all of Canada for the availability of scholarships and bursaries.

VOLT’s summary of Glendon: a centre of knowledge, a pioneer of international relations, linguistics, commerce and diplomacy. An excellent report card for Glendon.

Article submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on December 2, 2004