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Sociology Professor Joanna Robinson examines water privatization in her new MIT-published book


A professor of Sociology at Glendon, Joanna Robinson, has just published a book on water policy at the prestigious MIT Press.

In Contested Water, Joanna Robinson examines local social movement organizing against water privatization, looking closely at battles for control of local water services in Stockton, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia. The movements in these two communities had different trajectories, used different tactics, and experienced different outcomes. Robinson analyzes the factors that shaped these two struggles.

Professor David S. Meyer (University of California, Irvine) praises the book: “Joanna Robinson reminds us that the water wars have escalated in rich countries as well as poor. The activist campaigns against privatization of water in Canada and the United States are important battles in a much larger struggle about the future of public goods. Contested Water provides riveting narrative, insightful analysis, and lessons for future activists. It’s essential reading for making sense of the battles over neoliberal reforms that will define the next decade.”

(Source: MIT Press)

Published on April 4, 2013