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Alumni Mentorship at Glendon off to a Successful Start


What do current students need to guide them in their selection of a future career? Well, many things. But an important component in their search and preparation is a good role model, someone in the know, who is ready to answer questions and provide support when needed.

At Glendon, the Alumni Mentorship Program has recently taken off with the goal of fulfilling just this need for students in their 3rd or 4th year. Under the guidance of Associate Principal (Student Services) Louise Lewin, the plans were set and the details of the structure worked out last spring. On June 15th, alumni interested in serving as mentors were invited to a working meeting, where the rules and regulations were finalized and plans were set for starting the mentoring this fall.

A hugely successful orientation session on September 27th welcomed 15 mentors and 25 mentees – about double the expected number for the first run – to a “get acquainted” evening. There was food, ‘icebraker’ games and a chance to meet your partner in a typically friendly and warm Glendon setting in the Café de la Terrasse.

Left: Mentors and mentees mingle at the launching of the program

“The energy in the room was palpable”, says Lewin. ”Mentors and mentees participated in animated discussion about the merits of the program and the results they were hoping to achieve. Everyone felt that this was an important step for Glendon and they were delighted to be the first participants.”

The foundations for the Glendon Alumni Mentorship program were laid by the Glendon Alumni Executive Committee in 2004, under the leadership of (then) Chair, Marika Kemeny. The current working committee developing the program and bringing it to fruition consisted of Dr. Lewin, 3rd –year student Karen Murray, award-winning 2005 Glendon grad Cristina Raimondo and Vanessa Lewin (Glendon 1996).

Article submitted by Glendon's communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on October 12, 2005