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Glendon Hosts First Ontario University and College Provincial Squash Championship


Glendon is well-known for its community-building on campus and eagerness to promote all activities which enhance campus life for students. But when it reaches out to extend this benefit province wide, we have something more to be proud of.

“When the Ontario University Association dropped the individual championships several years ago, it could have been a great blow to the growth of the game at this level”, writes Editor Sherry Funston in the winter 2005 issue of Squash Life Magazine. But David Cooper, coach of the University of Toronto women’s squash team proposed the adoption of the University Squash Championships to Squash Ontario “and made a passionate and persuasive argument.”

The result: the first ever Jesters Ontario Men’s and Women’s University and College Squash Championship which took place at the Glendon Athletic Club (GAC) on November 26-28, 2004. Assistant Director of the GAC, and racquets professional, Aaron Rodrigues was the Tournament Director and host of this landmark event which received financial support from the Ontario Jesters and from Glendon Athletics. Their contributions kept the entry fee at an accessible level, resulting in 36 participants from 8 post-secondary institutions.

Participants expressed great enthusiasm at having the opportunity to compete after all. They also had much praise for the welcome and the facilities provided by Rodrigues and the Glendon Athletics Club. The Ontario Jesters are eagerly looking forward to the next championships in the fall of 2005.

Article submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on March 29, 2005