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An Outstanding Fall Campus Day at Glendon


What constitutes a perfect Fall Campus Day? Lovely weather with a carpet of colourful leaves, student ambassadors eager to do their best to welcome the guests, professors and staff ready to answer questions, informative sessions, and the largest attendance in the campus’ history? Well, if that is what it takes, then Glendon’s Fall Campus Day 2007 on November 4th was truly a perfect day.

Visitors thronged the Information Fair

Over 600 visitors arrived in beautiful sunshine to visit the campus and gather information for the big decision about choosing a university. In recent years, parents and family members have been increasingly involved in this decision. This is easy to understand when you realize the financial investment in post-secondary education and the importance of choosing a path that will define a student’s professional future.

Glendon welcomed the visitors with a breakfast of fragrant coffee, fruit, croissants and French pastries, everything reflecting the colours and flavours of the season, in a setting of harvest browns and yellows. The wonderful Andrew Maynard Quartet, composed of York students, played lively music that was a great addition to the welcoming atmosphere. Potential students were surprised and delighted to receive a gift of a white spruce sapling, ready to plant, complete with the Glendon motto: “…Alteri saeculo – We plant seeds for future generations.” Visitors were quick to make the connection with Glendon’s beautiful setting, as well as the university’s nature theme. It was even more appropriate to think of education as a way of planting the seeds of knowledge which will blossom into graduates’ skills and knowledge.

Nicole and her Mom at the kiosk of the new graduate School of Public Affairs
Prof. Elizabeth Abergel answers questions about international studies

The morning’s program consisted of the three highly successful sessions covering the information every future student seeks about academics, money matters, admissions issues, as well as a student panel talking about campus life: “telling it how it is”. Campus and residence tours were very popular throughout the day and the Information Fair in the cafeteria attracted hundreds to the departmental and student service kiosks. Everyone was eager to talk to professors in their field of interest. There were also many questions about student life, security, finances and career prospects.

Our ‘clients’ had many positive things to say about their visit. “I am planning to go into corporate law and I have been researching the best schools for a while”, said Dylan, a top student at Westside Secondary School in Orangeville. ”When a representative from York University spoke at my high school, he explained that the most useful preparation for a career in law is [the study of] philosophy, because it teaches you to think outside the box and analyze abstract ideas. Glendon’s Philosophy Department offers exactly what I am looking for: small classes with real opportunities to discuss and interact with professors and other students, and a choice of courses that correspond to my interests.”

Adrienne, who has attended French Immersion before high school, is currently a student at Whiteoaks Secondary School in Oakville. “I have been visiting universities in order to find the right choice for me. After trekking around large campuses, Glendon’s compact campus is a real relief, everything is so close and easy to find. My interest is in Environmental and Health Studies and I would also like to revive my knowledge of French. I found the morning’s information sessions very useful, especially the student panel [Straight from the Students]. Nothing makes the information more relevant than the experience of those who are here right now.”

Adrienne and her Mom at the Information Fair
Dylan enjoyed his visit to Glendon
“I go to York Mills Collegiate, just around the corner from Glendon, where I am attending French Immersion. So researching Glendon is an obvious choice”, said Katie. “I dropped in at the Glendon kiosk of the Ontario Universities Fair in September and we also had a Glendon recruitment officer visit our school. What interests me most is the field of International Studies combined with French. I like Glendon’s flexibility in its programs and the opportunity to change majors, if needed. The sessions at Fall Campus Day have been very informative and easy to benefit from. I also really appreciate being able to speak to professors and current students. The warm and friendly welcome today gave me a taste of what it must be like to study at Glendon.”

Parents had very positive things to say about the visit as well. Several expressed the wish that they would have had such opportunities to research universities when they were finishing high school. But they felt at home enough to join their children in enjoying the fresh popcorn which added to the warm and friendly atmosphere.

(Right) Judith and her family travelled five hours to get to Fall Campus Day

Much praise for Glendon’s success is due to the hard work and excellence of the recruitment and liaison team under the direction of Tobi Strohan. The event’s programs were very ably managed by Fall Campus Day coordinator Carol Yorkden-Chamberlain, with the collaboration of team members Léa Bertrand, Marie Maher, Amandine Perdebat, Greg Junop, Sophie Gravel, Céline Castonguay and Sarah Martin, as well as our dedicated student ambassadors. Glendon’s current enrolment of over 2500 students and their demonstrated high academic achievement speak of the popularity and excellence of the college. Events as successful as this year’s Fall Campus Day can only support and enhance this success.

For more details and a photo gallery of Fall Campus Day 2007, visit the event’s website.

This article was submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on November 7, 2007