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Doors Open to the World for Glendon Students


For such a small campus, Glendon offers an amazing array of options and opportunities, including a huge number of international exchanges on this continent and overseas. This was amply demonstrated at the all-day information session offered on October 20th by the Office of Student Services, under the direction of Louise Lewin, Associate Principal (Student Affairs).

A series of display booths represented each university which has a formal exchange agreement with Glendon. Factual information, maps of the geographical locations, details of the programs and wonderful photos of the country and the university enticed the many visitors to this International Exchange Fair. The universities of Brussels, Rouen, la Sorbonne, Rennes, Paris, Pueblo (Mexico), Barcelona, as well as Montréal and Laval were represented. The booths were staffed by members of the student affairs team, as well as international students currently on exchange at Glendon. Since Glendon students are also eligible for all the exchanges offered by York University, members of York International’s staff (responsible for organizing exchanges) were on hand, with a great deal of information and enthusiasm, in order to respond to inquiries.

Clément L’Hour, an Economics major on exchange at Glendon this year, from the Institut d’études politiques de Rennes (France), was at his university’s booth to provide first-hand information to Glendon students. Clément’s eyes lit up when asked about his Glendon experience so far. “I love the Glendon system. The courses are more practical [than at home], more hands-on, the professors very accessible. I enjoy the campus and the student life. After this year, I hope to come back to Canada for an internship.”

Spending a year on exchange broadens students’ horizons, both academically and personally. Being immersed in another culture, possibly a second language, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, an immeasurable enrichment. When participating in a formalized exchange program, students pay their fees to their home university, at the same rate as everyone else. They are also completing a year of studies which is recognized as equal to their school of origin, without losing time in finishing their degree.

There is much to know about arrangements, financial assistance, necessary documents, and the Glendon Student Affairs Office is ready to help with sorting out these issues. They can be contacted by telephone at 416-487-6716, or by dropping in at room C112, York Hall. York International can be reached by calling 416-736-5177 or by e-mail: They are located at 108 Vanier College on the Keele campus. Their website address is

By Marika Kemeny, Glendon's Communications Officer

Published on October 25, 2004