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A Great Start to the New Academic Year at Glendon


Every September, Glendon’s faculty and staff welcome the new academic year at a festive lunch in the College’s beautiful rose garden. And this year, as in every previous year, there was sparkling sunshine, roses in full bloom and the cheerful community was noticeably pleased to reconvene and reconnect with each other on this beautiful campus, during lunchtime on September 23rd.

Left: Lunch in the rose garden

While this is a predominantly social occasion, Glendon’s Principal Kenneth McRoberts had a number of important announcements to make as well. He disclosed the good news that Glendon has a significantly larger entering class than last year. Moreover, when applying, almost all of these students designated Glendon as their first choice. Glendon’s retention rate (of continuing students) is very good as well, promising not only to meet but probably exceed this year’s target of 1,829, established by the Senate.

McRoberts announced the winner of this year’s teaching award: Professor Radha Persaud of the Political Science Department. Supporting letters for Persaud’s nomination revealed that he is considered to be “a unique, gifted person, able to connect with students and impart his knowledge far beyond what is in the textbooks,” “always available to help”, “able to communicate his deep knowledge of his subject at all levels” and generally very well-liked.

The Principal welcomed Glendon’s four new tenure-stream faculty members: Afef Benessaieh of the International Studies Department, Maria Constanza Guzman, a cross-appointment between Hispanic Studies and the School of Translation, Mario Roy in the Mathematics Department, and Jean-Pierre Thomas of the French Department.

Finally, Principal McRoberts paid tribute to the five professors retiring from full-time teaching: Alain Baudot of French and Multidisciplinary Studies, David Cooke of the English Department, Michiel Horn of History, Skip Shand of English/Drama Studies and Marie-France Silver of French Studies. “This year’s retirees represent an especially heavy loss, because so many of them have been at Glendon since the beginning and were instrumental in building the foundations on which the College stands today”, said McRoberts, honouring each of them with a commemorative plaque.

Above: Retiring professor Alain Baudot shows off his plaque

This article was submitted by Glendon’s communications officer, Marika Kemeny

Published on September 26, 2005