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Advising Process Key to Choosing Next Year’s Courses for Current Students


“Next year?? I am so snowed under with this year’s exams, I don’t have time to think about next year!” If that sounds like you, you are not alone. That’s the reaction from most students just when it is time to plan course selections for the coming academic year.

But don’t despair, excellent help is on the way. The 3-step advising process for those who are currently enrolled, in force for a number of years, has been completely revised with you, the students in mind. It is a unique system designed to provide one-stop “shopping” for courses. No running around trying to get professors’ signatures, no unanswered questions when you are making selections.

How does it work? Two 3-day sessions have been set aside for the 3-step advising process in the cafeteria: March 18-20, and March 24-26. On these dates, the Academic Advising Office is coming to you! From 12 noon to 3:30 pm on the 18th, 19th, 24th and 25th, academic advisors will be fully equipped with their computers to help you find pertinent information online and to answer any questions concerning your degree requirements, making course selections and completing the required forms. In addition, on March 20th and 26th, academic advisors and faculty members from every Glendon academic program will be present all day in the cafeteria, to provide further information and to sign your advising document. How is that for a simplified, practical process, saving you time and stress?

“We aim to turn academic advising into a friendly, positive experience rather than one that students dread”, says newly appointed manager of Academic Advising, Cristina Bregar (right). “To that end, we have developed a fresh approach with new publicity and promotional materials which students can relate to and follow easily. We want to make sure that they receive all the help and information they need to succeed in their academic choices.”

“This approach clearly reflects the day-to-day philosophy of our Office of Student Programs and of our Advising Office”, adds Françoise Boudreau, associate principal (Academic and Research). “The enhanced 3-step advising, with the entire Advising Office setting up shop in the cafeteria, in order to reach out to the students, is a fresh new confirmation of this philosophy. It is a wonderful initiative, a personal, ‘Glendonian’, student-caring idea “.

Left: Cristina Bregar

The new approach to 3-step advising puts the emphasis on the visuals in all their materials and on creating a space where students can ask questions and make decisions in an informal setting. It makes sense to use these special advising days in the cafeteria: getting all your answers and completing all the steps in one fell swoop.

New this year - academic advising for the brand new iBA program. Students interested in enrolling in this program can receive detailed relevant information from the advisors.

“Students should know that the advisors are here for them all year around, not just during the 3-step program”, adds Bregar. “They can make an appointment with us in person, by phone or by e-mail; or they can just drop by. All our advisors are current or former Glendon students who really understand the process and each person’s needs”.

The time for making your choices for next year is just around the corner! For complete information about the process and the programs, hours of operation and all contact information, visit the Academic Advising Website. And see you in the cafeteria on the March advising days!

Article submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on February 22, 2008