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Glendon Honours Students Who Make a Difference


Associate Principal (Student Services) Louise Lewin welcomed the nominees for the annual Student Service Awards to an award luncheon on April 10th in her official residence on campus. The celebration also welcomed Glendon’s principal, Kenneth McRoberts, associate principal (Academic and Research) Françoise Boudreau, and other members of Glendon’s faculty and staff.

L-r: Cliff Davidson, Clara Wong, Louise Lewin and Aaron Doupe

Lewin expressed her great pleasure at the number of this year’s nominees – 13 – which is the largest ever and approximately double of last year’s list. “The increased participation in nominating candidates for the awards is a reflection of an overall increase among the entire student community in student activities: clubs, social events, cultural activities, student management, Faculty Council, and others”, said Lewin.

The winners were announced by Dr. Lewin, chosen by a 3-member committee comprised of manager of Student Affairs Aaron Doupe, manager of Glendon Student Financial Services Fiona Kay and Lewin herself.

3rd-year International Studies student Clara Wong received the award for her outstanding participation in student clubs and activities. She has been vice-president of the Glendon Model UN Club (GMUN), heralded for her invaluable contribution to organizing this year’s conference. She was also acknowledged for her part in mediating and advocating for students on the Petitions Committee and Faculty Council. Moreover, she has been active in several other clubs and the residence social committee as well. “Clara contributes not only her time, but passion, honesty, integrity and fairness”, said her nomination brief.

Associate principal Lewin welcomes attendees to the award reception

The other award went to third-year student Cliff Davidson, majoring in English and Sociology, and completing D-TEIL, the certificate for teaching English as an international language. Cliff is about to embark on a third year of studies in the Netherlands. He is founder and president of “Glendon Outdoors”, a councillor on the Glendon College Student Union (GCSU), ambassador for “Positive Space”, note-taker for students with disabilities, and writer/designer for Protem, Glendon’s student newspaper. He was described by his peers as “…open minded, creative, dedicated; a passionate, enthusiastic individual who is thoroughly involved in many facets of the Glendon community.”

L-r: The award winners, Cliff Davidson and Clara Wong

A wonderful aside: the two winners had unknowingly nominated each other for these awards.

“We come together not just to celebrate the winners, but all of you who have been nominated”, said Lewin. “….Those who serve the community are not always recognized. Today, we are here to pay tribute to the winners and every one of you, because all of you contribute to and enrich the Glendon community.”

Article by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on April 14, 2008