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Glendon researcher's project featured in The Times (London)


Prof. Colin Coates in Canadian Studies at Glendon and director of the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies has been involved in an international, interdisciplinary project in digital humanities for the last two years: Trading Consequences.  This project involves text-mining millions of pages of text to find geographical information about the trade in natural resources in the 19th-century British world.  Researchers are able to explore a variety of visualisations to discover new ways to examine this early phase of economic globalisation.  Furthermore, the project looks at the environmental consequences of this trade in commodities.  Along with computational linguists at the University of Edinburgh and computer scientists at the University of St Andrew's, Coates worked with fellow York historians Dr Jim Clifford (now at the University of Saskatchewan) and Andrew Watson.  Two former Glendon students (Gladys Larbie and Andrew Cameron) also worked on data-entry for the project.  The research portal was launched recently at and The Times (London) ran a story about the project on 27 March:

Published on March 31, 2014