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Glendon Says ‘Au Revoir’ to Associate Principal Louise Lewin


Glendon said an official farewell to Associate Principal (Student Services) Louise Lewin last Thursday, May 14th. A festive reception in the ballroom of Glendon Manor welcomed a record number of Glendon faculty, students and staff who came to celebrate Lewin’s accomplishments over the past twelve years in her role as Associate Principal.

Glendon Principal Kenneth McRoberts with Louise Lewin

In his address to the assembled group, Glendon Principal Kenneth McRoberts extolled Lewin’s achievements on the individual, as well as the campus-wide level. “Louise Lewin is someone who gets things done, who approaches problems on a practical level. She is also a person of vision and ideas, as demonstrated by the many new inclusions in her portfolio during her tenure”, said McRoberts. “An important example is the expansion of international exchanges for the College from 2, when she took over, to 20 at present. As long as she filled this position, I knew that I never had to worry about how things were going.”

Left: York Director of Student Community & Leadership Development Frank Cappadocia and Louise Lewin

Frank Cappadocia, Director of Student Community & Leadership Development at York’s Centre for Student Community & Leadership Development was among those in attendance. He spoke eloquently of his years of collaboration with Lewin. “Louise works with elegance, perseverance and a solid commitment to student life”, said Cappadocia. “Over the years, she has also been a constant reminder about Glendon at the Keele campus, an outstanding ambassador for students and faculty.”

Amanda Sartori, President of the Glendon College Student Union (GCSU) described Lewin as someone who “is passionate, enthusiastic, empathetic – someone who has the students at heart. We will miss her”, said Sartori, who brought thanks from the entire student body.

Right: L-r: The outgoing Associate Principal (Student Services) and her successor, Rosanna Furgiuele

In her response, Lewin – clearly affected by the emotions of the moment – expressed her thanks for the support and collaboration she had received over the year. “I am overwhelmed and deeply moved by everyone’s presence”, she said. “You have also touched my heart.” She paid tribute to her team, who have worked with her so effectively through some very tough, as well as some very good times. “I was also very touched by the Friends of Glendon scholarship established in my name in 2007. But I leave this position with a peaceful feeling, knowing that my successor [Rosanna Furgiuele] will carry forward with the projects I have undertaken.”

Left: Glendon's gift to Lewin: a bonsai tree

Lewin is leaving her current position on June 30th , but not leaving York University as a whole. As of July 1st , she is taking on a new position which builds directly on her Glendon expertise: she will be Academic Director of the Ontario / Rhône-Alpes Student Exchange program, housed on the Keele campus, keeping her in contact with students and their study-abroad activities.

“I know I will be back to Glendon frequently”, says Lewin. “It is au revoir – but definitely not goodbye.”

Article by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on May 20, 2009