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French Ontario mobilizes in solidarity with the Horn of Africa


<p><em><span class="image_caption">12/08/2011</span></em><br /><br />From August 11 to October 16,&nbsp;2011, GroupeM&eacute;dia TFO will be proudly partnering with two of Ontario&rsquo;s most important bilingual institutions&mdash;the University of Ottawa and Glendon College of York University&mdash;in a campaign to raise funds within the Franco-Ontarian community to help the 12 million people suffering from famine in the Horn of Africa as the result of the worst drought in 60 years.<br /><br />As Glenn O&rsquo;Farrell, President and CEO of GroupeM&eacute;dia TFO, puts it: &ldquo;We feel personally&nbsp;concerned by this tragic food crisis that has struck the people of the Horn of Africa. This fundraising campaign is also a gesture of solidarity with French-speaking Ethiopians and Somalis living in Ontario. GroupeM&eacute;dia TFO has a social responsibility to contribute to the cohesion and development of the greater Francophone community. It is both a privilege and the most rewarding possible mission to provide our support to the members of this community who so urgently need us today.&rdquo; <a href=";LangPref=en-CA"><img style="float: right;" src="" alt="" width="100" height="100" /></a><br /><br />In the words of Kenneth McRoberts, Principal of Glendon College, &ldquo;Never has there been a greater need for humanitarian aid than there is today. Thanks to GroupeM&eacute;dia TFO&rsquo;s leadership, the Francophone community will be able to respond to this crisis immediately and help put an end to this global calamity. Glendon College is determined to play an active role in this critically important humanitarian effort.&rdquo; <br /><br />UNICEF Canada and the five international emergency humanitarian assistance organizations making up Canada&rsquo;s Humanitarian Coalition&mdash;CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Qu&eacute;bec, Plan Canada and Save the Children Canada&mdash; have offered to collect the donations made by the Franco-Ontarian community in response to this campaign. All six organizations salute the efforts of the Franco-Ontarian community in this urgent, essential effort.<br /><br />To make a donation to the charity of your choice, go to <a href=""></a> (French only)<br /><br />To view the public service announcement <a href="">On se mobilise en Ontario</a> (French only).</p>

Published on September 19, 2011