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Glendon’s International Bachelor of Arts Program – Your Best Preparation for the Global Job Market


You are interested in a well-rounded liberal arts education, the best foundation for a variety of careers in Canada and abroad. But in today’s highly competitive job market, you need an edge –additional skills which will put your resume at the top of the pile for work or graduate studies.

Left: Professor Françoise Boudreau

Glendon’s new international Bachelor of Arts (iBA) program is clearly your choice, and your best preparation for an increasingly complex work environment, where issues cut across national borders. In a uniquely Glendon opportunity, you can pursue a bilingual iBA (English/French) or trilingual iBA (English/French/Spanish), enabling you to function in your chosen profession in two or three of the world’s most prominent languages. “The international BA complements Glendon’s mission as a liberal arts institution that prepares the future leaders of Canada and gives them first-hand experience in the international world”, says sociology professor Françoise Boudreau, former Associate Principal, Academic & Research, and a driving force behind launching Glendon’s iBA.

When you pursue a Glendon iBA degree, you can develop a Canadian and international perspective on the political, economic, social, and cultural challenges of our times through internationally-oriented courses. You will have the chance to reflect critically on international issues within and beyond your chosen discipline. You will also spend one semester or one full academic year on exchange at a partner university abroad, providing you with practical experience in living and learning abroad. Through the iBA program, you will learn or improve your second and possibly third language, preparing you to work in almost any international setting.

Glendon students on exchange in China

The same admission requirements pertain to the new iBA as the regular Glendon BA. Students entering first year can apply directly to the bilingual iBA. The trilingual iBA is available to students after they have completed their first year. For a complete list of programs available as an iBA and how to apply to the iBA program, visit

“Our students are citizens of the world,” adds Professor Boudreau. “They wish to understand and become active participants in the international landscape of their chosen field, whatever it may be. Now, with our iBA program, they can.”

Right: Glendon students on exchange in Paris

Glendon’s bilingual and trilingual iBA is available in:

· Business Economics
· Canadian Studies
· Drama Studies
· Economics
· English Studies
· Environmental and Health Studies (Multidisciplinary Studies)
· French Studies
· History
· Individualized Studies (Multidisciplinary Studies)
· Mathematics
· Philosophy
· Political Science
· Psychology
· Sociology
· Spanish (Hispanic Studies)
· Women's Studies

Article submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on January 12, 2009