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Announcing the Winners of the 2008 York Public Affairs Essay Competition


The Glendon Research Group in Public and International Affairs is proud to announce the winners of the 2008 York Public Affairs Essay Competition. The quality of the competition was, once again, very high this year and we especially note and appreciate the increased number of submissions of graduate papers. The Glendon Research Group would like to thank all those who served as judges for this competition, as well as all faculty members across the University who submitted papers on behalf of students.

Winners receive $100 due to the generous contribution of Paul Cantor, a York University governor and a long time supporter of public administration studies at York. As well, the graduate winner is the York University nominee to the Annual National Student and Thought Leadership Awards supported by the Canadian Association of Programs in Public Administration, the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) and the Canadian Association of Students in Public Administration. The graduate level winner is invited to attend the IPAC conference in Québec City in August to present his or her work in a poster presentation and participate in the Student and Thought Leadership Awards competition.

At the graduate level, the winner is Rachelle Mendoza from the Master of Public Policy Administration and Law for her paper titled 'The Ontario Public Service as a New Public Organization? An Analysis of the OPS Human Resources Landscape'. This superior paper provides a thorough account of public service sector reform in Ontario.

The runner-up is Tracy Verhoeve for her paper titled ‘Agricultural Uses of Biotechnology, Public Administration and Democratic Dialogue’. The paper integrates social sciences theory and public administration in a superb fashion.

At the undergraduate level, the winner is Jennifer Lee from the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Fine Arts, for her paper titled 'State of the Arts: A Contextual Analysis of Fine Arts as Policy in Canada'.

The runner-up is Adam Kochanski from Glendon College for his paper titled 'Plan Colombia: Tracing the Evolution of US Counterinsurgency and Economic Imperialism’.

The papers will soon be posted on the website of the Glendon Research Group in Public and International Affairs:

Published on May 30, 2008