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New Alternate Exam Centre Launched at Glendon


A bomb scare in 2006 at the Keele campus disrupted ongoing exams. This event brought home to student services staff the need for an alternate exam space, which could accommodate students with various disabilities, whether there was an emergency or not. The result was the Keele campus’ Alternate Exam Centre, in operation since 2007. 

Left: A view of the new centre

It was Rob Tiffin, Vice President Students, who presented this anecdote at the official opening of Glendon’s own Alternate Exam Centre on February 26th. The Glendon centre was the brainchild of former Associate Principal, Student Services Louise Lewin. Her successor, Rosanna Furguiele continued Lewin’s hard work resulting in the bright, modern space which was launched last Friday.

The new centre consists of 6 work-stations in glass-enclosed cubicles, each equipped with a computer and a closed-circuit camera, which is connected to a central computer in the invigilator’s booth. The person supervising can thus monitor all the booths at the same time and ensure that exam rules and regulations are observed. The centre is on the main floor of York Hall, easily accessible by wheelchair. The peaceful pale green colour of the walls and chairs creates a comfortable and welcoming space with very favourable reviews from users.

Right: Glendon Principal Kenneth McRoberts cuts the ribbon

“This project could never have been completed without the commitment of Vice-President Rob Tiffin and the financial support of the university as a whole”, said Associate Principal Furguiele. “But many others on both campuses were also instrumental in making this centre happen.“

Furguiele expressed her thanks to Kevin Wilson, Senior Executive Officer, Office of Vice-President Students; Steve Dranitsaris, Vice President, Finance and Administration; Don McCullough of York Facilities, who oversaw the construction of the centre; Joanne Duklas and her staff at the Keele campus’ Registrar’s Office; and especially Kathy-Jo Pinder and Sherry Lewkowic of the Alternate Exam Centre on the Keele Campus for their cooperation and support, for sharing information and providing valuable advice.

Left: (L-r) Principal McRoberts, Associate Principal (Student Services) Rosanna Furguiele and Vice President Students Rob Tiffin

“We also extend our grateful thanks to our colleagues at Glendon, who were so committed to this project: Principal Ken McRoberts; Executive Officer Gilles Fortin, who helped us find this facility; Pam Broley, Director of Glendon’s Counselling and Disability Services, and disabilities counsellor Marvin Zuchowski, for their invaluable help and advice.”

Furgiuele gave special recognition to Jane Van Huyen, administrative coordinator in Glendon’s Office of Student Services, who had worked very closely with Louise Lewin in the planning stage and is currently the coordinator of the new centre. “We began using the centre for the first time in November and, so far, students who need special accommodation have written 170 exams in this lovely, bright facility”, said Furgiuele.

Many of those who made it happen came to celebrate the opening of the centre

There was enthusiastic attendance from both campuses, among them Marc Wilchesky, Executive Director of the Keele campus Counselling and Disabilities Services; Françoise Mougeon, Glendon Associate Principal, Academic and Research; Joanne Duklas and several members of her staff; as well as many members of Glendon’s student services staff.

“It is very important to accommodate to the individual needs of our students and this centre provides excellent facilities in a very comfortable and beautiful space”, said Principal McRoberts, after cutting the ribbon to mark the official launching of the centre.

“We recognize the varying needs of students, both physical and academic”, added Mougeon. “This wonderful space ensures that every student can do his best to succeed at university.”

Article submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on March 3, 2010