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Share your Pictures… Win an iPad



The Centre for Global Challenges is launching its first Editorial Photo Contest. We are looking for pictures evoking current global challenges from a Canadian perspective. Our main focus is citizenship, the economy, public institutions and social programs. Have fun and be creative!


1. Participants must be Glendon full-time students. They must be the author and copyright owners of the submitted photos. Each participant can submit up to three pictures.

2. Submissions must be e-mailed to the Centre from your York or Glendon e-mail account. It must include a) your complete name, b) a photo in JPEG format, and c) a short title in French and in English.

3. If the photo depicts a recognizable human being, the photographer must have the verbal or written authorization of the depicted person. This is optional if the depicted person is a public personality (politician, PR person, etc.).

4. The photographer will maintain the ownership of the photo, although it may be posted on the website of the Centre for Global Challenges.

5. Submissions will be accepted until April first, 2011.

6. The winner of the Best Editorial Photo will be selected by the staff of the Centre. Results will be announced at the end of the Winter semester 2011.

7. The winner of the Best Editorial Photo will receive a Macintosh iPad.

Published on October 27, 2010