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Discussing Politics a Community Affair at Glendon


Lunchtime on November 19th brought members of the Glendon community together for a discussion on “Making Sense of the American Election 2004”, by two Glendon political science professors, Terry Heinrichs and Mark Lippincott, who are experts on American politics. They presented their views of why George Bush won and why John Kerry lost at the recent presidential election on November 2nd.

The format was reminiscent of the ‘Siskel and Ebert’ movie reviews of former years, with an atmosphere of friendly bantering, offering insights and opinions from different perspectives. Heinrichs and Lippincott supported their observations with many interesting details, substantiated by statistics and opinion poll results. The strengths and weaknesses of each candidate’s campaign were presented in the light of the election results. A lively question period demonstrated the general interest in this topic.

This lunchtime discussion was hosted by the Director of the Political Science Department, Professor Edelgard Mahant, who stated that in her opinion “the American election was of sufficient importance to be opened up to a general discussion.”

By Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on November 26, 2004