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Glendon NATO team wins accolades in Washington, DC


Six students from Glendon College have returned to Toronto with multiple awards after representing the school at the 28th International Model NATO summit in Washington, D.C.

This was the first time ever that Glendon has been represented at this event, and it was the first model simulation for the majority of group members. Out of a total of 26 schools present from across the USA, Canada, and Europe, Glendon College finished in the top 25% overall.

Third-year Political Science student Conner Marvin was recognized by his peers for his excellent performance in the Nuclear Planning Group, while third-year Economics major Luke Cooper was cited for his commendable efforts in the Defence Planning Committee. The team was selected by faculty members and other students as Honourable Mention Overall Delegation for their excellence across five committees, underscoring an incredible group effort and performance.

Left to right: Oriane Desgeorge, Camille Bing, Luke Cooper, Otto Faludi, Karan Mehta, Conner Marvin

The delegation included fourth-year International Studies major Karan Mehta in an advisory role, Master of Public and International Affairs candidate Oriane Desgeorge (on exchange from France) as Political Affairs officer, third-year Political Science student Camille Bing (also on exchange from France) on the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, and fourth-year Political Science major Otto Faludi, who acted as project leader and head delegate for this event.

During their time in Washington D.C., the Glendon delegates worked alongside experts in international politics like Professor Lawrence R. Chalmer of National Defense University, Col. Kevin Berkompas from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and Dr. Mark Webber of Birmingham University in the United Kingdom. The Glendon team was briefed at the Embassy of the United Kingdom in preparation for their role as UK diplomats at the event by Mr. Neil Holland, First Political Secretary in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Additionally, the Glendon delegation visited the Embassy of Canada, the US Department of Defense, the United States Capitol, the Library of Congress, Arlington National Cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial, and many other points of interest during their week-long stay in Washington.    
Ultimately, Glendon NATO hopes that this model summit will be the start of a longstanding tradition of participation for Glendon College students, and the club looks forward to sending a delegation to this event again in 2014. The organization would also like to thank the Glendon College Student Union, Associate Principal Dr. Rosanna Furgiuele, Student Affairs Manager Aaron Doupe, and the Vice-Provost Students at Keele Campus for their kind assistance with financial aid.     

Finally, Glendon NATO thanks Dr. Awalou Ouedraogo of the International Studies Department for training and advising Glendon's Washington delegation on his own personal time prior to their participation at this event.

Published on March 25, 2013