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Fundraising mounted for York student Esther Dudas


Esther Dudas (right) is a fourth-year student studying social & political thought and English at York. She is also the daughter of Glendon and York graduate Charles Dudas, who had worked as a teaching assistant of sociology at Glendon for a number of years.

Esther, a stalwart of the York University Tennis Club, suffered cardiac arrest last November while out jogging. Although doctors managed to revive her, Dudas remains in critical condition in the coronary intensive care unit at Toronto General Hospital.

She is in desperate need of a treatment called Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy, which has shown great promise in treating complications of cadiac arrest. Unfortunately, the treatment is not covered by OHIP. While still experimental, Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy represents the only chance available for the kind of decreased oxygen type injuries affecting Dudas. It is performed as part of emergency responses in Europe, China and parts of the United States and Mexico. In Canada, this treatment is only available through private clinics.

An appeal is being made to the York community for assistance by friends and family of Dudas. Their goal is to raise $80,000 in order to help Dudas receive this life-saving treatment.

Among those pulling for her are her friends in the tennis club. "Esther is a promoter of improving the quality student life with her involvement in the York University Tennis Club," says York head tennis coach Mike Mitchell. "Our best wishes go out to Esther as she continues in her battle for life."

Donations may be made at any Royal Bank branch to the following account:

RBC Royal Bank
Esther Recovery Fund
Institution No: 003
Account No: 1447846
Transit No: 00002

Donations in the form of cheques can also be made out to the Esther Recovery Fund and can be dropped off at Suite D20, East Office Building, or to Suite 17A, Computer Methods Building on York's Keele campus. Donations should be sent to the attention of Denise Price, manager, enterprise system services, Information Technology Services.

For more information, contact Price at ext. 33442, or e-mail

Published on March 26, 2008