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Glendon Alumnus John McNee Newly Appointed Ambassador to the UN


Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the nomination of John McNee on February 16th as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations in New York, succeeding Allan Rock.

John McNee studied history at Glendon (BA ’73) and Cambridge University (MA ’75) where he was a Canada Scholar. He joined the Department of External Affairs in 1978 and served in Madrid, London, Tel Aviv, Damascus and Beirut. At Foreign Affairs in Ottawa, he served in the Policy Development Secretariat and in the Canada-United States Transboundary Division, and held posts as director of the Personnel Division and the General, Middle East, North Africa and Gulf States bureaus. McNee also served on Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's Task Force on International Peace and Security and in the Privy Council Office. Before taking up his posting in Luxembourg and Belgium in 2004, he was Assistant Deputy Minister, Africa and Middle East in Ottawa for Foreign Affairs Canada.

Ambassador McNee had recently returned to his
alma mater, speaking at Glendon last November 3rd on the benefits and challenges of the European Union, its future and its relationship with Canada.

“Mr. McNee exemplifies the virtues of diplomacy at its highest level, having served most recently as Canada’s Ambassador to Belgium. His in-depth knowledge of issues important to our multilateral agenda and his work on the government’s Task Force on International Peace and Security make him the ideal candidate to advance Canadian interests at the United Nations,” said Prime Minister Harper.

This article was submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on February 16, 2006