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A New Certificate of Trilingual Excellence at Glendon


While a Certificate of Bilingual Excellence (French and English) has been in existence at Glendon for over 25 years, the addition of Spanish to the mix has only recently been approved by York University’s Senate at its January 22, 2009 meeting.

The benefits of obtaining a designation of trilingual excellence are obvious. With more than 400 million Spanish-speakers in over 20 countries, those who have mastered Spanish are in constant demand within the global economy by international businesses, the Foreign Service, international agencies such as the World Bank, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations. Individuals who are proficient in French and Spanish, in addition to English, are especially well prepared for these and other interesting careers: in banking, public relations, translation, publishing, journalism, the travel industry, teaching, the list just continues.

The first Trilingual Excellence Exam testing applicants wishing to benefit from this designation is currently underway, with the written part on March 20th and the oral component approximately one week later. It is, in fact, an extension of the Bilingual Excellence Exam, with the English-French segment taking place first, followed by the Spanish part later on the same afternoon. Only those students who succeed in the written component will be invited to participate in the oral exam during the week of March 30.

The Certificate of Trilingual Excellence, offered annually, is awarded to Glendon students who have mastered Spanish in addition to French and English at an advanced academic level, both written and spoken, as assessed through the Examination of Trilingual Excellence. This Certificate is recognition of the importance of Spanish in the life of the College and the increasing numbers of Glendon students who have achieved an advanced academic level of proficiency in three languages. For further information about the Certificate of Trilingual Excellence, please contact Glendon’s Hispanic Studies Department.

Submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on March 20, 2009