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Glendon Celebrates Outstanding Student Leadership with Awards


The winners of the Student Leadership Awards

Students making outstanding leadership contributions to the Glendon student community were celebrated at an award ceremony in the Glendon Gallery on March 22. It was a festive event buzzing with attendees, presided over by Associate Principal, Student Services Rosanna Furgiuele. The celebration was created by the event planning and award selection committee, comprised of Rosanna Furgiuele, Manager of Student Affairs Aaron Doupe, Manager of Student Financial Services Fiona Kay and Residence Life Coordinator Kim Mortreuil.
In her words of welcome, Furgiuele defined student leadership. “A leader is someone who can bring out the best in others, … who leads by example and knows how to encourage, motivate and inspire. A leader is also a team player who knows how to work well with others, who can bring people together for a common cause and who knows how to build community.” She also noted that student leaders create and participate in student clubs and organizations, not only as a means of personal growth, but also as an important contribution to the quality of student life.   

Furgiuele praised the numerous achievements of Glendon’s student organizations and improvements in residence life this year. She then announced the winners of this year’s Student Leadership Awards, each of whom received an award certificate and a monetary prize.

Although Student Service Awards have been in existence at Glendon since 2001, this is the first year that they are presented under the new ‘leadership’ category with a significantly enlarged scope. “We were inspired by Glendon students to expand the range and vision of the awards to continue to encourage service to students, but also to recognize the many examples of leadership in this community”, said Doupe. “”We are also grateful to the Friends of Glendon [FoG] who partnered with Student Services in this expanded vision. Together, we are able to recognize more leaders than before and to highlight leadership in residence, where students make contributions to this unique community. Another goal was to support developing leaders and encourage the potential for engagement in the student community.”

Left: l-r, Bethany Deshpande, Oscar Mera-Burbano, Andrée Paulin and Amanda Sartori

Aaron Doupe launched the distribution of the prizes, with the New Leader Awards of $250 each going to Oscar Mera-Burbano and Lisa Alleyne, for their many activities with the GCSU and their inspiring, unmatched dedication to student activities.

Right: Simone Samuels

Nadia Ouellet, Andrée Paulin and Simone Samuels were each presented with Outstanding Contribution Awards and a $250 prize. Ouellet was noted for her positive influence on students as an integral leader in the Glendon community. Andrée Paulin, a dedicated leader since her first year at Glendon, was recognized for her significant involvement and countless hours spent working for student organizations. Simone Samuels was honoured as a person with “…outstanding work ethic, initiative, and friendly, personable manner.” Samuels was instrumental in launching a chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society this year at York, recognizing top academic achievers.

Two top awards went to 4th -year Political Science and Sociology major Amanda Sartori, who received the $1,000 Friends of Glendon Award for Student Service; and Bethany Deshpande, in her final year of a Bachelor of Education, who received the $1,000 Student Services Award for Leadership Excellence.

Left: LLIR convenor Pat Brodie (on the left) and FoG Board member Jaclyn Volkhammer (on the right) with Amanda Sartori (centre)

Sartori was recognized for her career-long involvement with the GCSU, as Director of Clubs & Services, Councillor, GCSU representative on Faculty Council, and volunteer at the Glendon Women and Trans Centre. As President of GCSU this year, Sartori was praised for her remarkable achievements and a significant change for the better in the Student Union’s functioning.

Deshpande was singled out for her leadership roles as General Manager of the Glendon Musical Ensemble (GME), Eco-Coordinator for the LUNIK Café project, GCSU representative on Faculty Council, participant in Theatre Glendon and residence don. Deshpande was praised for her focus on process improvement in the GME, her service as a residence don above and beyond requirements, and for the overall depth of her service involvements.

8 other nominees received a Glendon diploma frame in recognition of their contributions to student life. They were Marfo Bonsu, Joyce Chan, Christelle Chartier, Julien Cossette, Darnel Harris, Milos Jankovic, Renée Khargie and Gabrielle Villeneuve.

Right: l-r, Fiona Kay and Aaron Doupe

Doupe also paid tribute to Student Financial Services Manager Fiona Kay for her continued outstanding collaboration. “This is a day for recognizing students, but we wouldn’t be here without [Fiona Kay’s] efforts, resources, advocacy and support”, said Doupe. “She has been involved with this award program for the past 10 years, and is a great leader in her own right.”

Kay has also been serving on the Board of Friends of Glendon for many years, along with Convenor of FoG for Living and Learning in Retirement (LLIR) Pat Brodie, also in attendance at the award ceremony. The LLIR group, located on the Glendon campus since 1973, has been a valued, continuous contributor to Glendon’s student life and scholarships, having donated over $500,000 to the FoG since the group’s inception.

“Leadership is about the capacity to listen, to encourage dialogue, transparency in decision-making and initiating change for the better”, said York Vice President Students Rob Tiffin. “Student life outside the classroom is a very important component of a university education. Those recognized at this celebration contribute to making Glendon, and York University as a whole, a better place.”

“We are proud of you and we congratulate you for all that you have accomplished”, concluded Furgiuele. “Continue to make Glendon a place where students are involved and committed, where a vibrant school spirit characterizes our student community and where student satisfaction is high. Glendon is a better place because you are here.”

Article submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on April 12, 2010