Glendon Campus
York University
2275 Bayview Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4N 3M6
York University Safety Audit will hold sessions at Glendon


Do you have feedback about lighting, signs, isolation and maintenance on campus?

From April 27 to May 15, 2009, as part of the York University Safety Audit,METRAC will be actively soliciting feedback about your physical safety needs as a member of the York University community. We invite you to share with us your concerns about the physical environment, and how safe you feel in the specific buildings and areas you frequent on Keele and Glendon campus. Feedback will be collected via the following activities:

Survey: Share your experiences regarding physical safety features for specific campus buildings and areas. Visit

Visit METRAC on campus: METRAC will be available at the following locations on Keele and Glendon campuses. Drop by to find out more information and fill out a survey.

KeeleStudent CentreMonday April 2711am to 6pm
KeeleVari HallTuesday April 2811am to 2:30pm
KeeleStong College, Main LobbyTuesday April 283pm to 6pm
KeeleAccolade East Building, North EntranceWednesday April 2911am to 2:30pm
KeeleYork Apartments, 340 AssiniboineWednesday April 293pm to 6pm
GlendonYork Hall, Dining RoomThursday April 3011am to 6pm
KeeleKinsmen, Main LobbyTuesday May 511am to 2:30pm
KeeleVanier College, Main LobbyTuesday May 53pm to 6pm

Town Hall meetings: Attend a town hall meeting to share your ideas and feedback about physical safety features on campus and help identify areas of concern.

CampusLocationSuggested DateSuggested Time
Keele106 FoundersWednesday May 61pm to 3pm
Keele303 StongWednesday May 65pm to 7pm

Focus Groups: Focus groups will be held in specified locations for regular users of buildings to provide site-specific feedback on the physical environment. They will be conducted in an interactive and supportive group setting where participants are free to talk with and hear the concerns of other group members. Focus groups will be held at the following locations between May 11 and 14. Registration is not required.

KeeleFounders CollegeTo be determinedMonday May 1111am to 12:30pm
KeeleTait McKenzie CentreTo be determinedMonday May 111pm to 2:30pm
KeeleEast Office BuildingTo be determinedMonday May 113pm to 4:30pm
GlendonProctor Field HouseTo be determinedTuesday May 121pm to 2:30pm
KeeleRoss BuildingTo be determinedWednesday May 1311am to 12:30pm
KeeleOsgoode HallTo be determinedWednesday May 131pm to 2:30pm
KeeleStudent CentreTo be determinedWednesday May 133pm to 4:30pm
KeeleHealth, Nursing and Environmental StudiesTo be determinedThursday May 1411am to 12:30pm
KeeleAccolade West BuildingTo be determinedThursday May 141pm to 2:30pm
KeeleYork LanesTo be determinedThursday May 143pm to 4:30pm

For more information, you may contact METRAC at 416-392-3137 or visit

Information collected will be used by METRAC external consultants to assess the physical environment of York University. All information shared is accessed by METRAC and will remain confidential.

Published on April 28, 2009