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Glendon’s Fall Campus Day 2008 a Runaway Success


Over 800 visitors thronged Glendon’s historic manor on the morning of Sunday, November 9th, ready to take part in the superbly organized, comprehensive program of Fall Campus Day, prepared by Glendon’s recruitment and marketing team. The cold wind and lowering sky did not discourage these eager prospective students and their families, some of them coming from as far as Windsor, Sudbury, Rimouski, New Liskeard, even Philadelphia.

Left: The crowds at the Information Fair

And the day’s program amply rewarded their efforts, both in its scope and its warm and welcoming presentation. The fragrance of fresh coffee and croissants beckoned, with the Andrew Maynard quartet – consisting of York students and graduates – playing lively, familiar jazz, which set the upbeat tone of the day.

Right: (l-r) two friends, Caitlin and Aislynn from Saint Clair Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario

Three information sessions offered a comprehensive package of information needed for making that all-important decision about the choice of university. Added to the useful details provided in the session on admissions and money matters, the presentation with the title Your Academic Path, outlined the benefits of a liberal arts education, the value of language learning, as well as identifying the building blocks for a Glendon BA or iBA degree. The third session, Discover Glendon - a new panel discussion consisting of students, alumni and faculty members - extolled Glendon’s unique advantages: a small campus and small classes, a strong sense of community, focus on languages, and rich campus life, which drew a great deal of enthusiasm from the audience. The huge turnout required the addition of a fourth series to the originally planned three workshops on each topic – eagerly provided by the presenters.

Left: Everyone wanted a campus tour

Campus tours and the Residence Open House were in constant demand as well, eliciting very positive reactions from the visitors. As in previous years, the Information Fair in the dining hall, featuring professors and students from every academic department and student service, represented one of the highlights of the day, enabling future students to receive information directly from those working in these fields. A recent addition to the day’s program: the Club Zone, staffed by student-club members, affirmed the vibrant campus life and intellectual ferment that exists at Glendon.

Right: Danielle from St. Francis Xavier Secondary School in Sarnia, Ontario

Visitors’ comments and reactions confirmed the success of the day. “I heard a presentation at my school by a recruitment officer from Glendon and became interested”, said Danielle, a grade 12 student from St. Francis Xavier Secondary School in Sarnia, Ontario. “I am already bilingual, which makes Glendon a clear choice. I am interested in studying mathematics and history with a view to doing an iBA. When I e-mailed a question to Glendon, I received an immediate answer, and I am generally impressed with the helpfulness of the Glendon staff. The school is very inviting, the campus beautiful and residence seems like a great choice. I will be registering [to Glendon] for next fall.”

Grade 12 student Jenika from Father Leo J. Austin Secondary School in Whitby, Ontario commented: “I came to this open house thinking that I already knew what I wanted to study. But when I discovered the many choices of subjects and possibilities [here], it made me consider some new directions. I definitely want to become bilingual, which is also a significant pull towards Glendon.”

“I don’t speak any French, so the bilingual aspect of Glendon was a bit daunting until it was explained to me at this open house”, confided Amelia, currently in grade 12 at East York Collegiate Institute in Toronto. “My interests lie in drama studies, sociology and anthropology and it seems that I would be able pursue these in depth at Glendon.”

Left: (l-r) Zosia, Alex and Kevin from Langstaff Secondary School in Richmond Hill

Several visitors from the same school teamed up for the day, to see if they could continue their studies together. Two close friends, Ashley and Victoria, who are attending grade 12 at Paul Dwyer Secondary School in Oshawa, came to Fall Campus Day together, motivated by a Glendon recruitment presentation at their school. “We would like to learn more French and to study other languages as well. This morning’s sessions were very informative and the residence tour confirmed our wish to live and study here. We are definitely applying to Glendon for this fall.”

Right: Jennifer from Philip Pocock S.S. in Mississauga, with her mother

This was Jennifer’s second visit to Glendon, coming from Philip Pocock Secondary School in Mississauga, as she had already come to last year’s Fall Campus Day, when she was only in grade 11. “Coming from a non-Anglophone background, I really like the fact that most people on this campus speak two or more languages”, said Jennifer. “The information sessions provided very important details. The fact that French-speaking students, such as myself, can receive a language bursary and other financial help makes it possible for me to go to university. I would like to study business economics and international studies towards an iBA. Glendon seems to be a perfect fit.”

Left: Student ambassadors Prince and Mélanie loved working at Fall Campus Day

Much credit is due to the Recruitment and Marketing team, who mounted and staffed this program under the direction of recruitment event coordinator Suzi Moore. It was their professionalism, dedication to the college and sheer hard work that made this day so successful and energy-charged. Thanks are also due to the members of the faculty, staff and students who devoted their Sunday to promoting Glendon and its future students.

Article submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on November 11, 2008