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Écran-screen - The Monograph of Marc Audette Published by Glendon Art Gallery, York University


In publishing an artist’s first monograph, the Glendon Gallery revives one of its traditions, while also sharing current reflections on contemporary art. In the past, the gallery has produced catalogues of the work of artists who have made a significant contribution to the world of visual arts.

The current catalogue is the result of close collaboration between the Glendon Gallery and Montreal's Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain gallery. The first step in this endeavour was an exhibition of large-scale photographs by Marc Audette at the Glendon Gallery, during Contact 2000 Photography Month in Toronto. This installation, titled Beau temps mauvais temps, combined fixed photography images and mobile video images. Collective memory and individual remembrances were at the centre of this body of work, which examined the impact of emotions on human intellect.

Left: L´intuition d´Ovide 1, 1994. cibachrome, 135 x 70 cm, by Marc Audette

The second exhibition followed in 2002, at Pierre-François Ouellette Art Contemporain with the title Écran, in which the artist applied his considerable technical skills to combine digital video pieces with more classical photography work on paper, as described by noted art critic Véronique Tomaszewski in the publication. Maria Zimmermann Brendel also participated in this project by contributing a text to the catalogue. According to Pierre-François Ouellette, “this catalogue represents a strong desire to take Marc Audette’s art beyond the walls of the gallery. While art can truly be appreciated only through an immediate, personal relationship, a catalogue offers the chance to create […] another type of relationship, in which images, memory, text and reflection are woven together. We hope that our readers will be seduced by the work of Marc Audette and feel moved to come to future exhibits in order to experience it in person.‘’ The publication Écran/Screen is available by contacting the Glendon Gallery, tel.: 416-487-6721, e-mail:

This article was edited by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on May 8, 2006