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Glendon Student Milos Jankovic Presenter at Canada-U.S. Policy Conference


4th-year Glendon honours student Milos Jankovic, majoring in Political Science and French Studies, was one of the featured speakers at an international student conference on bilateral Canada-U.S. policies, which took place in Niagara Falls, New York on March 25 and 26.

Right: Milos Jankovic at the conference

Jankovic, whose project supervisor was Glendon political science professor Radha Persaud, presented a paper with the title “Give War a Chance: Canada Must Remain in Afghanistan”. Jankovic’s premise was that a premature withdrawal from Afghanistan, contrary to Canadian public opinion, is a detrimental, misguided strategy of painful consequences. “Pacifism is not, and will never be, a viable solution in a post-9/11 reality”, stated Jankovic. “A paradigm shift in the West has embraced aggressive, direct intervention. And Canada must never lose sight of what can happen if extremism is left to incubate: New York, London and Madrid have each fallen victim to its indiscriminate effect. Canada must stay the course – no matter the cost.”

The annual Crossing Borders Foreign Policy Conference welcomes undergraduate and graduate students, whose research is relevant to Canadian-U.S. domestic or foreign policy and, in particular, border issues. Each year, students of government from Canada and the U.S. convene at the conference to discuss bilateral policies in provincial, state and federal governments on both sides of the border.

Left: L-r: Jankovic with Joan Sumner, Academic Relations, United States Consulate General in Toronto

“This is a rare opportunity for students, because they are provided with an academic venue where they can articulate, debate and prove the validity of their theses”, says Jankovic. This is his second participation in this event, having presented a previous paper in the 2008 Crossing Borders conference, titled "Roadblock: U.S. Economic Sanctions on Iraq", under the supervision of Glendon political science professor Edelgard Mahant.

Hosted by the State University of New York (SUNY) - University of Buffalo, this year’s conference was held in conjunction with the annual conference of the Binational Tourism Alliance (BTA). ”The conference is a unique experience, offering students a perspective on continental interests, the mutual commitment between Canadian and American authorities, and their co-operative roles in economic and political affairs”, says Jankovic

Crossing Borders 2010 also welcomed a number of high-profile speakers, including Tina Valdecanas, Chief Strategy & Branding Officer, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; Bill Elliott, VP, Business Development, Canada's Technology Triangle, Kitchener, Ontario; Christina Anne Luhn, Director Mega Region Initiative, California; and Ian Burkheimer, Director of Partnerships, Pacific Northwest Economic Region, Washington State. Attendees included Joan Sumner, Academic Relations, United States Consulate General, Toronto and Dr. Daniel Kolundzic, Political and Economic Relations Officer, Consulate General of Canada, Buffalo.

Right: L-r: Jankovic with Daniel Kolundzic, Political and Economic Relations Officer, Consulate General of Canada in Buffalo

“I owe a great deal to Professor Persaud’s detailed attention to my project”, says Jankovic, “without whose help I would not have managed such a sound, compelling presentation and paper. Every argument, every assumption, every deduction was challenged until I could refine the coherency of my thesis. His academic guidance has been instrumental in my intellectual development, not only in this independent study, but also throughout my undergraduate studies.” Jankovic also pays tribute to Glendon French studies professor Jean-Pierre Thomas, whose teachings had resulted in a significant improvement in his analytical skills. “Professor Thomas, too, has made a lasting impact on my intellectual journey.”

Jankovic is an active participant in Glendon’s student life in various capacities. This year, he has held the position of Chief Returning Officer for the Glendon College Student Union (GCSU). His future plans are to pursue legal studies at a law faculty, or a Master’s degree in a political science field. “I would like to become a scholar, specifically in the area of bilateral relations between Canada and the U.S.”

Article submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on April 13, 2010