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Glendon News introduces the 'Share' button on published articles


At the top of each article published on the Glendon homepage and MyGlendon, you will now see a "Share" button, much like the one that YFile has recently introduced. This allows you to send a link to the Glendon story to friends via e-mail or such networks as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, and to the world at large via Web sites like Digg and Delicious, which collate links sent by multitudes of users. There are also functions for printing or bookmarking the story.

The purpose of such story-sharing devices, common on news sites and blogs, is to make it easy to spread the word – in this case, news about Glendon.

If you roll your cursor over the "Share" button, it pops up a menu of the most common sites and functions. Clicking on "More" will add a huge list of further options. Note that in many cases you need to be a registered user of a given site to post a link.

Comments or problems can be forwarded to Glendon News, care of Marika Kemeny, .

Published on April 15, 2009