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Two Glendon Professors win Glendon ‘Davis Cup’


It’s an annual Glendon event and it is modeled on the international Davis Cup tournaments. Each year, the Glendon Athletic Club (GAC) organizes two tournaments called Davis Cup Events, in which Glendon professors and students participate, as well as members of the public who join the GAC. Draws determine the members of each team and the tournament is run on a round-robin basis to establish the winner.

Left: Carine Syriani, Stan Kirschbaum and Brian Morgan with the coveted trophy

This year, the 6th Annual Davis Cup Event was held on September 10th on the tennis courts of the Glendon campus and saw four teams participate: Team Canada, Team USA, Team Europe, and Team Australia. Three Glendon professors demonstrated their tennis prowess: Ian Gentles of the History Department, Brian Morgan of the English Department, and Stan Kirschbaum of the International Studies Department. The winner of the tournament was Team Canada, whose members included Brian Morgan and Stan Kirschbaum. The two other players on the team were Carine Syriani, a York graduate, daughter of Nimat Syriani who works in the GAC, and Dennis Ing, this year’s GAC tennis coach. Team Canada won after it narrowly defeated Team USA, which included Ian Gentles among its players.

Team Canada, l-r: Brian Morgan, Carine Syriani, Stan Kirschbaum and Dennis Ing

Published on October 19, 2009