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Great News at Glendon for Aspiring French Teachers


By Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

What’s the hottest news of the year for future and current Glendon students? It’s the brand new, bilingual York University Bachelor of Education program starting in September 2007 on the Glendon campus. This unique program is designed to prepare future core, extended, and immersion French teachers at the primary/junior level (kindergarten to grade 6). It is a concurrent program, offered by the York Faculty of Education, pursued at the same time as your regular B.A. - the first such program in Ontario for training French immersion teachers.

“This is an exciting and long-awaited opportunity for students thinking of studying at Glendon, as well as for those who are already enrolled here”, says Glendon Associate Principal (Student Services), Dr. Louise Lewin. She has worked in collaboration with the York Faculty of Education to bring this program into existence. “The Ontario school system is in serious need of French teachers at all levels”, adds Lewin, “but especially in the French immersion system”. She feels certain that the new program will be an answer to this shortfall, and that Glendon is the ideal location for such a program.

“Our integrated bilingual campus and our excellence in language education provide the perfect setting for this bilingual B.Ed.”, says Lewin. “We will be able to train well-qualified French teachers - professionals with a deep knowledge and wide experience of French language and culture. After all, they will have the opportunity of functioning in French every day at Glendon, and participating in clubs, theatre, the arts, and many other French cultural and academic opportunities.”

The new program at Glendon will also offer students a 3rd-year exchange option in a Francophone environment, such as Quebec, other parts of Canada, and several European locations. Students who are unable to spend their 3rd year elsewhere will have the choice of an equivalent experience of 12 credits in French within a French cultural context. The B.Ed. program also includes ongoing practicum components, providing student teachers with real-life working experience in the classroom. Details of these options are being developed and there are many promising opportunities.

Got your attention? Then, here are the basics. In order to apply, you need to have completed at least 24 credits. You must be available to study full time and be registered in a B.A. program either at Glendon or at any other Faculty at York University. Once you apply, you will also have to successfully complete a French proficiency assessment test.

Graduates of the program will receive a York University B.A. and B.Ed. They will be qualified to teach at English schools at the primary/junior level, as well as being able to teach core and extended French, and French Immersion, also at the primary/junior level.

Mark your calendars: the deadline for applications is March 9, 2007. In order to apply, you must fulfill all other standard application procedures and requirements for York’s B.Ed. programs. The York Faculty of Education’s website provides all the necessary information and the application form at: For more Glendon information visit:

“I know that many of our current and future students have expressed a serious interest in teaching French”, comments Dr. Lewin. “This is a great career choice, with the promise of excellent job opportunities.”

Published on February 7, 2007