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Glendon Celebrates Top Academic Achievers


Glendon’s scholarship recipients were honoured at the college’s annual Award Ceremony on September 21st, in the festive surroundings of historic Glendon Hall’s elegant ballroom.

The number of scholarship recipients has been record-breaking for the past several years and reached new heights this year with 335 students receiving awards. New and returning students were celebrated, together with parents and family members, with the ‘Glendon touch’ - with food and warm praise from the speakers. This event is very ably organized each year by Fiona Kay, manager of Student Financial Services and her team, and hosted by the Office of Student Affairs, under the leadership of Associate Principal Louise Lewin (Student Affairs).

Left: Louise Lewin addresses Glendon scholarship recipients

In her welcoming address, Lewin praised the quality of Glendon’s students, with close to 20% of the total enrolment receiving one or more awards, and over $700,000 disbursed in scholarships so far this year. She confirmed that strong support from professors and student services on campus enables students to fulfill their highest potential. Lewin gave special recognition to members of LLIR, the independent Living and Learning in Retirement program housed at Glendon, for their generous financial support of the students by contributing significant funds for scholarships. “Many thanks are also due to the LLIR members for their outstanding moral support of individual students”, added Lewin. “By inviting students far from home for holiday dinners, afternoon teas, and outings into the city and beyond, the LLIR continues to demonstrate exceptional citizenship and community spirit.” Lewin also thanked the Friends of Glendon (FoG), for their continued financial contribution to scholarships and bursaries, distributing over $100,000 each year.

Associate principal (Academic and Research) Françoise Boudreau added her own welcome, and some words of advice to the students. “Make the universe your university”, said Boudreau. “Try new things, acquire new experiences, take courses in a variety of subjects, keep your eyes open to what is around you.” She highlighted the international composition of the award recipient group and confirmed that of the 5 International Circle scholarships given out at York this year, 2 went to Glendon students: Sian D’Abadie from Trinidad and Tobago, and Juan Llamas Rodriguez from Mexico. Angela Khakali of Kenya received one of the 3 York scholarships in the International Scholarship Program for West Africa and Kenya, worth $25,000. There were also 5 Harris scholarships and 10 BMO awards distributed this year, a major accomplishment for Glendon.

The student speaker at the award ceremony was Lauren Cumming, originally from British Columbia. Currently enrolled in 4th-year International Studies, Cumming has just returned from a year-long exchange in Spain. She is one of the first winners of a Harris Scholarship, established in 2003 by the late benefactor Milton Harris, then Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Harris Steel Group. The Harris Steel Entrance Scholarships were created to “encourage gifted students from British Columbia and Alberta to study in Ontario and thereby promote Canadian unity.” Cumming is a shining example of what Milton Harris wanted to achieve: a well-rounded, internationally-minded student who has improved her French language skills greatly at Glendon and has learned much about Canada and its position in the world. Cumming has also learned some Spanish here and has reaped the maximum benefit of what this campus has to offer. “Life has a way of working out”, said Cumming, referring to her choice of Glendon at the outset. “This small campus has provided me with more than I could imagine.” Her Madrid exchange year was a tremendous experience and a great success. Currently, she is participating in Glendon’s award-winning International Studies Symposium, focusing on Turkey in 2006-07.

Among this year’s award recipients, Patricia Hennelly-Krijgsman, 1st-year student majoring in International Studies, is the winner of a Glendon Entrance Scholarship as well as a Study Abroad Scholarship. “What drew me to Glendon was its small size, where you don’t feel like you are being processed in a factory”, says Hennelly-Krijgsman. “I want to be able to talk to my profs and hope to improve my French.” Mina Kneževic, a first-year Business Economics student and an aspiring accountant, feels that “smaller classes mean more attention to the individual and a better chance for success.” Another first-year student, Sebastian de Kloet, majoring in Business Economics, adds “I was looking for a school offering an education in politics, international studies, business and French. Glendon was the perfect fit for my plans of a career in External Affairs. And the new graduate program in Public Affairs will be a real option by the time I graduate.”

Lisa Komar, 4th-year student in International Studies and History, has been the recipient of a President’s Scholarship and Continuing Student Scholarship four years in a row, both for high academic achievement. “I feel that I am getting an excellent education here”, says Komar, “and I have really enjoyed the past 3 years. I am planning to go on to an MA in International Studies and possibly work for the government.” Says Meekaaeel Jones, 1st-year English and Drama major and recipient of an entrance scholarship, “I am considering going into teaching. Glendon held a certain flair for me and I wanted the bilingual opportunity offered here.”

Above: Patricia Hennelly-Krijgsman (left), Mina Kneževic and Sebastian de Kloet

Seeing the beaming, delighted parents who attended the ceremony confirmed their satisfaction with their children’s choice. Said Teresa Krijgsman, mother of Patricia Hennelly-Krijgsman, “We are so proud of Patricia and very pleased with her choice. Glendon represents what’s best in Canada, an opportunity to learn both official languages and a great deal more about this country. And we love the beautiful campus – such a great environment for learning.”

Article submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on September 27, 2006