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The Glendon Community Extends a Helping Hand to Support Haiti


It’s hardly news – we at Glendon form a warm and caring group of people that extends its concern to those in need, not just on campus, but in the world around us. It is no surprise, then, that this tiny community has launched no less than five initiatives in quick succession to collect donations for the victims of the tragic earthquakes in Haiti.

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Students and staff are well-represented in these undertakings, with the Glendon Africa Network, GCSU, the Hispanic Club, Mature Students’ Organization and Frost Library stepping up to the mark. They are working to gather as much aid as possible and the Student Affairs Office is providing them with support in reserving space and offering advice.

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A highly practical suggestion from Aaron Doupe, manager of Student Affairs has been for the various Glendon initiatives to join forces and contribute their collected donations to the York Federation of Students’ (YFS) $15,000 for Haiti campaign.

copyright Jonathan Torgovnik / Reportage for CNN

“The YFS hopes to collect $15 000 from the York community, which the organization will match”, explained Doupe. “The YFS will then donate the $30 000 to Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières. It is my understanding that the Government of Canada has in turn announced that it will match contributions from Canadians up to $50 million, which could in effect quadruple the impact of donations generated at Glendon.” The YFS has also set up collection boxes for those who prefer to donate clothes and supplies.

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The Glendon College Students’ Union (GCSU) is endorsing the YFS campaign and will be acting as its primary fundraisers at Glendon. “Members of the executive and councillors of the GCSU will be tabling and canvassing continually until Friday, January 29,” says GCSU’s Director of External Affairs, Nadine Tkatchevskaia. “Additionally, half of the proceeds collected at our last pub night will go towards the Haiti initiative.”

Various Glendon clubs have also begun organizing events and activities and are keen to work together to maximize their collective impact. More details on joint initiatives are forthcoming.

Donation boxes have been set up in the GCSU office, the Frost Library, and the cafeteria. In addition, an emergency bursary has been established for students who are affected, in collaboration with York International. Further information is available at the Glendon Student Affairs Office.

Supporting the Haiti relief effort has become a true community initiative. "We hope to see the entire Glendon community come together to make this as helpful as possible", said Tkatchevskaia.

Article submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny

Published on January 21, 2010